Content Writers (REF: CW-1013)

If you’re a gifted content writer and are sure readers will lap up your posts and eagerly share them with their friends, you’re invited to write content for us.


Why You Should Write For Us

There is much to gain from penning posts for us. For starters, you will get more exposure to your site. You will get a link in your author bio or the main body of your piece if you can slip it in naturally.

Depending on how interesting and informative your article is, we will take the trouble to promote it on social media.

"Google spiders" have an affinity for stuff we publish and begin crawling our new pages just days after they’re posted. More traffic to your published article means more traffic to your personal or company website.


How to Pitch Your Article

We want original analysis and discussion of issues related to new products and services, market trends, competition, merges and acquisitions, covering all industries from technology to fashion.

Do these three things rightly and you will get our attention:


How "Not" To Get Published

If you want to increase your chances of us reviewing our offer then you must avoid sending emails that look like this:

Dear Editor,

I have been following your site for a while. I can say without hesitation that you have done some remarkable work and put a great and informative content on it. Moreover, I have noticed that you are accepting content as well, so I thought of contributing my ideas to your site. I have done a comprehensive research on the topics that are related to your website and can offer you a piece of them.”

The likelihood of your pitch ending up in trash is high if you follow this washed-up pattern.


Qualities Your Content Should Have

Weighty: By this we mean your article should be creaking under the weight of thorough research.

Originality: We love a writer who can piece together highly informative and unique content.

Trending topics: Make sure whatever you’re writing about is something people are currently interested in. Some topics that are usually hot include those dealing with marketing and how to boost sales or those advising people how they can save money. MSN Money, Yahoo! or Google News sites are a good place to look for ideas and creative thinking.

Make your article more palatable by breaking it into 3 to 5 paragraphs and adding subtitles where relevant. Add some visual interest to your post with a relevant, good quality photo. Make sure you include a credit link with the picture.

It is mandatory that your article be submitted alongside a photo of yourself which you must send together with your proposed article.


Ready to start?

We'd love to hear from you. Ensure your article proposal adheres to the guidelines given above before contacting us.


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