As part of the Website’s mission to make sure Users enjoy the site to the max, the Website has taken the trouble to make sure that whatever information Users submit is kept confidential and safe from prying eyes.  The Website is committed to ensuring the security of all personal data it receives and we have as a result prioritised this in our operations.



While we are zealous in the safeguarding of Users’ data, we cannot completely guarantee the safety of this data during its transmission and storage. Indeed, in accessing WikiGains and submitting information there, you are assuming this risk. The Internet is a jungle of interconnected servers and we don’t have control over these innumerable links and hardware.

Of the products and deals published on WikiGains we do review and test quite a few, and this is a service we don’t charge for but we view as crucial in improving User satisfaction. Now, if you finally purchase a product, we may get a small commission which goes into the maintenance and running of the Website.

We would like to state that we are not in the business of dispensing financial or marketing advice, though we do post articles and other material that touches on related topics. This information may or may not be accurate or up to date and while we check everything posted on the Website to ensure it is useful, we cannot guarantee its correctness.

Those who contribute content to the Website, its Administrators and the Company will not be liable for any loss resulting from the use of the Content, though we will be glad to hear of any benefits Users may obtain thanks to our site.


What information is collected – Non-UK Users – Email Marketing

The only information required from Users (apart from those residing in the UK) is their email address, to which subsequent newsletters will be sent if they so wish. Users of the Website can opt in or out of the newsletter. Administrators of the Website send the Users who wish to receive them alerts of juicy deals every week and only their email address is required for this. Additional personal information is not required, nor is it solicited.


What information is collected – UK Users – Direct Mail Marketing

For those Users who are based in the UK, their mailing address, name and email address may be collected. Why? These details help us post to them information on promotions via post. The email address is for the same purpose but for faster email newsletters. To facilitate the delivery of post we may share your name and address with reputable companies that handle mailing on our behalf. When we send you such promotional mail, you will be able to easily distinguish it from our logo and contacts printed on the envelope.

Remember that our Direct Mail correspondence is 100% voluntary and when you no longer want to get mail from us you can unsubscribe easily. Just send us an email with the subject ‘Unsubscribe from Direct Mail’ and we’ll get the message, literally and remove your details from our Direct Mail database.


When information will be disclosed

Only in the event when such information is required by the authorities for legal matters will it be shared with them.


Information Security

The only party with access to the Users’ information is the top-level Administrator of the Website. Editors and others who contribute to the Website’s content do not have this access. The Website Administrators work tirelessly to ensure this information is safe from the latest hacker devices by constantly implementing security solutions as they become available. Updates of these security systems are frequently applied.


Third Party Relations

Various product offerings and information from third parties are available on the Website, all aimed at enhancing the User experience and providing them with value. Even so, Users should rest assured that none of their information is passed on to these parties through the Website. Should they decide to proceed to the websites of these other parties (affiliate merchants), Users are advised to be careful when transacting with them. They should establish how credible they are before divulging personal data to them.


Use of Cookies

When they follow links to third party sites, Users need to be aware that cookies will be activated on some of them. This has nothing to do with biscuits and everything to do with files deposited onto Users’ computers to monitor their browsing patterns. The cookies are also used to trace sales or sales leads and credit them to WikiGains.


Removing your Details from the Newsletter List

You can be removed from our database at any time should you wish not to continue receiving communication from us, including our newsletters. Simply send an email to [email protected]

If you would want to stop receiving email newsletters, you can opt out by following the unsubscribe instructions contained in every email alert. If there are only some types of communication you wish not to receive, you can indicate the changes you want. Else you should indicate that you want to have your details removed from our database. The changes may not be effected immediately, but they will be completed as quickly as possible.



Those who are contributors to the site can change their personal information simply by logging onto the site and making the changes to their profile. After logging in they will see an ‘Edit Profile’ button. If on following this procedure you’re still not able to change or remove some information you wish to alter, contact us.

Contributors wishing to call it a day and resign can do so at any time by sending an email with the subject ‘Deactivate My Contributor Account’ to [email protected]


Terms and Conditions

These are the rules and guidelines that Users need to stick to when using the Website. Since using the Website is in essence accepting these guidelines as well as the Website’s Privacy Policy, it is recommended that Users read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using the Website.


Privacy Policy Updates

The privacy policy may be amended and updated without notifying users  in advance.

More information

Should Users require more information, they should feel free to contact us.